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Gabby yes i love thou
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pls respond
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Marche do you love me
Sun Nov 2, 2014, 2:46 PM
yesss it is back
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Mon Apr 28, 2014, 10:39 PM
Good bye, Marche's shout box. I love you way more than Marche himself.
Mon Apr 28, 2014, 8:05 PM
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eww all you basic bitches cant rival my true love
Fri Apr 25, 2014, 9:50 AM
pie you need to leaf, Marche and I love each other!
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the fuck is going on here
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Beaten Nuzlockes!

Marche and Nikky's Tradelocke Adventure
X Nuzlocke
Oricalcum - M
Lilah - F
Pokey - M
Boris - M
Anna - F
Dan's Love (Died During champion fight)

Jeremiah - M

Connie - F

Beta - M

Jennifer - F

Oko - F

Sam - ?

Emerald Randomizer

Super Sam




Alright guys time for a pretty serious talk right now so get comfy.

First im gonna hit you with the bad news first:

Im putting Marche's Blaze Black Nuzlocke on haitus for a long time quite possibly a year.
its beeen two years and im just really unhappy with where the story is so far i started the comic backin junior year as a little fun project i thought i could finish and show my friends in my notebook but since then i truly wanted to make it into something amazing! a comic that would really shine and be remembered you know; but thats super hard when your comic sucks from the begining you know :'D

And my notes...well arent really notes...
Lets jump back two years ago, i was super into making gameplay youtube videos so for reference i thought having the videos would be a good idea to jump back to but i learned that i get bored at watching that even though it was my own content and i felt that having a notepad was so much better (as i have found out with doing the notes for the XY tradelocke, XY doublelocke, etc)

And i gotta come clean here i cheated a lot near the endgame and its always left a bitter taste in my mouth thinking id one day have to draw it >_>
for example Luke, my charizard was through my adventure almost entirely, thats why when he dies to cheren in a rival battle after iccarus city i was so upset that i ignored it and kept moving on. I cheated and thats not how a the nuzlocke is supposed to go its supposed to be a great adventure thats challenging as well

And character wise i don't really know who the protagonist is, i mean if you think about it if our only reading though my nuzlocke, all you know about marche is that he generally likes pokemon and can talk to them like normal people in that world can, and that i probably likes Bianca, and that he cries a lot

and really that's not who i envision Marche as, Marche was supposed to be my self insert character and working with :iconnikkydash: on the tradelocke really helped me understand just who i wanted Marche to be


Im planning on putting MBBN on a MAJOR stop, and quite possibly a revision and redo it in the distant future so i can build it into what i want it to be
and im also planning on replaying the game too with a few minor acceptions
-Fail the first catch (cuz thats what happened in the original)
-mainain the same team up until pinwheel forest (bc even though i cheated in the late game i didnt early on and all those pokes werer legitly caught/lost)
-swindle dies at Nacerene city gym

once i get to the point i am in the comic now (late pinweel forest) ill continue the game fresh allowing any caught pokemon or losses to be the new pavement for the rest of the adventure!

I really hope this doesnt upset anyone too much but i felt it was an oncoming wave id have to come to...
Besides its not like your really missing much Marche, you'll still get to see him in the upcoming ORAS Tradelocke run, AND  in the Doublelocke too c:

i mean why should anyone keep drawing things that make them unhappy right?
so what does make me happy to draw?
well if youve been following me recently youll know that im in multiple OCTs!
and i hope you can see how much effort i put inthose over my comic :'D

SO ill be focusing on WINNING THOSE OCTS >:D

but also theres good news too

im going to be doing another comic, on i know what im going to do with since i belive ive learned from the mistakes of my past comic

I Present to you:
Colorblind: A Fire Red Omega Nuzlocke!
what you thought it was gonna be a regular game?
One of the truly hacked games out there alongside blaze black haha
and so far ive had so much fun with playing it its ruly a large challenge

The art stlye for this comic is going to be very simple compared to MBBN (marches blaze black nuzlocke)
in the way that it wont be colored first off
well kinda the unique thing i wanted to do with this nuzlocke goes something like this:
-most towns are named after a color yeah?
-so whenever the protagonist would pass through towns the comic's lineart would change color 
(for example. Cinnabar island: the lineart would be mixes of red, Cerulean city:  the lineart would be mixes of blue, etc)

and speaking of the protagonist!
I present to you Rangsey!

Rangsey reference by Marche-Towers

that's right i figured it would be really great to try to build a character who would go through this adventure without ever talking.
I felt i wouldnt have to worry so much on scripting his thoughts out into words when body language and action would be so much better in my opinon!

>also this fire red omega run through takes place 15 years after the events of regular fire red omega
>this means some gym leaders are changed or are older
>also means that Team Rocket is no longer around. But who will take their place in the story? Well youll just have to find out wont you!

For those of you who dont know any of the special things about Fire Red Omega heres a list taken off a documentation i found describing the changes between fire red and fire red omega:

-The starters are now Smoochum, Elekid & Magby. 
- All Wild Pokemon in Grass, on cave floors etc and first time trainer battles have been changed
-The majority of fishing and Surfing locations have had their Wild encounters edited to fit with the change in rods and allow a wider variety.
- The Old Rod is now located in Viridian, north of the coffee guy. 
- The Good Rod is now located in Vermilion, where the Old Rod used to be. 
- Small patches of grass have been added to Viridian, Vermilion, Celadon and Cerulean with new Pokemon inside. 
- The Old Rod no longer fishes just Magikarp; the majority of areas early on in the game relinquish valuable water Pokemon when fished into with the Old Rod. 
- Likewise, most midgame-ish water will have good Pokemon when fishing with the Good Rod. 
- The National Dex is obtained as soon as you get the PokeDex. 
- The starters from the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn regions are given by people around Kanto. Be sure to talk to new people in PokeCenters, town squares etc as they may be the ones who give you a starter! Expect to see the Hoenn starters first, then the Johto starters and the Kanto starters last. 
- All Gym Leaders, Giovanni battles and Elite Four battles now have six Pokemon to deal with. 
- Certain music has been changed ie the Gym Leader/Elite Four music has been swapped with the Elite Four music from Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald. 
- The Safari Zone has been remodelled to incorporate a wider variety of Pokemon; while the structure is still the same the areas themselves are notably different. 
- Levels throughout the game are overall higher; this is to compensate for the rather larger chunks of EXP you might receive. 
- Some new items have been added throughout the game, including some stones, a Lucky Egg, etcetera. 
- Some legends have had their levels changed. 
- There are some new trainers but not very many at all. 
- Trades in the game have been edited. 
- Some marts have had their stock edited, and the prices of items such as Ultra Balls have been lowered. 
- Eevee is now Level 30 when obtained. 
- The fossils are now Level 40 when obtained. 
- Lapras in Silph. Co has been replaced with Castform. 
- Someone else will give you Lapras, but it's up to you to find them! 
-Level up moves are altered
-few TM changes
-Few ability changes
-Few evolutionary changes
-Lots of stat changes to pokemon
-and lots of attack changes too

So this is going to be a fun and hard one c:

TLDR Version of this Journal
-Im on Hiatus for Marches Blaze Black Nuzlocke
-Im Focusing work on my OCT entries
-Im Starting a new Nuzlocke Coming Jan 2015

I Hope to see you all beside me as i take on this new year with new challenges and thank you


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