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You know what's Really cool?
Actually Getting to visit your best friend from the internet!

Last week i got to visit :iconnikkydash:'s family and it was so much fun!
This trip was at teh top of my Christmas list and with the help of a few family friends i got to go visit the internetsensation Nikkydash!

055 by Marche-Towers 054 by Marche-Towers 056 by Marche-Towers

I Left LAX at like 6-something in the morning so i had to get up at like 3 to make it to the airport on time comfortably 
I think i was running on like an hour and a half of sleep because i was so excited c:

The flight was like 6 hours i think, i dont remember really i was partially asleep and cramped for most of it so blegh
I had a middle seat in my row so that was bothersome, the guy on my right slept the whole flight and was silent, while the guy to my left taked to me about video games fro a while but seemed all around not interested to talk at all so i didnt bother him anymore

When i Arrived i wasnt greeted with a large flashing neon light sign that read "INTERNET SENSATION MARCHE-TOWERS"
but instead was immedeatly greeted to the freezing cold! I could see my breath inside a building to was so cold

The first day i was there we were both pretty exhausted so we didnt do much but lay around on the internet and watch the new steven universe

The Next Day nikky took me around her town and i got to see the Bagel shop she used to work at as well as a few other stores like barnes and noble, a spooky witch shop, a comic shop, mcdonalds lol
Then we went to go see Star Wars the Force Awakens in this really nice theater!
The seats were these couches that extended for lounging and we had snuck in like 10 pounds of candy in our big ass coats
058 by Marche-Towers 059 by Marche-Towers057 by Marche-Towers

The next day Nikky-chan took me to her College up at Penn State!
Which was a lot of fun!
We went to an underground card shop with a crusty ass looking cashier so we left XD
Then we went to the Library there into a section called The Stacks, where someone was murdered so i thought that she was gonna kill me and that was going to be the end of the trip, but she didnt so thats a plus ahaha. The Stacks were so smol too my head was nearly pressed against the ceiling XD

We then We took some photos with the Mascot statue there and we got to climb on it and be a bunch of hoolagins, it froze my nuts immedeatly :'D

We went to a museum there too where we saw lots of cool pieces and we of course took lots of stupid snaps there making fun of them XD
My favorite one we saw therer was the one below where the peice was made of ots of tiny old school toys of different colors that when put together made a woman
We also saw a Lady bug there too so i carried that with me fr a little while until it disappeared, we named it Juile

061 by Marche-Towers 060 by Marche-Towers 065 by Marche-Towers
063 by Marche-Towers 062 by Marche-Towers

WE walked to both an ice cream shop and the stadium there which we both closed so my poor little legs were looking for relief bc the campus is so damn huge you can take buses to get across campus XD

We snooped around some of the lecture halls and then we went to a dunkin donuts bc nikky runs on dunkin
and then we went home cuz the fruit flies in her apartment were bloodthirsty

On the drive home we talked about what pokemon some of our family members would have in a real life world situation
I was Given the Pokemon

And nikky had
(i forgot the rest but she had like 2 more)

The next couple days were just chill days
We were working on our SOHK rounds, watching steven universe, yuyu hakisho, and the ghost stories english dub
I got sick with a cold cuz im a weak bby, so i had gone through like two tissue boxed blowing my nose and getting those delicious boogers out of me
we went to this Amish Resturant and we saw a cool onion ring
and i picked my nose a lot
heres some misc. pictures from those days
066 by Marche-Towers 070 by Marche-Towers 069 by Marche-Towers 071 by Marche-Towers073 by Marche-Towers 072 by Marche-Towers 074 by Marche-Towers 076 by Marche-Towers

My trip with nikky and her fam was so much fun, every night we ate dinner as a fam which was honestly one of my favorite parts because it wasnt something i did naturally with my family off holidays and every night we had delicious food, i swear i gained some pounds on this trip with the amount of food i ate

In the end i didnt see any snow but we did get to see a double rainbow, so the symbolism for a perectly gay trip ends with that :D
075 by Marche-Towers
I had such a wonderful time with nikky and i didnt want to leave 
i honetly got teary eyed when we drove away from her home and i was trying really hard not to cry in the security line in the Philidelphia Airport :'D

Also i was like Really Gassy during the entirely of the trip and i dont know why, so i was holding it in for so long, and i farted a lot outside the house whenever we walked out side, dont tell nikky


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